Caldeira (Video-Loop aus 25 Bilder)

Caldeira is a video loop of 25 images made for Framed* Gallery

1080p in portrait format, a limited edition of 30 copies.

Caldeira is a compression of time, a slow loop where colours and shapes evolve and confront themselves. As the loop repeats, the viewer can discover the temporality of each shape. In Caldeira, Nicolas Boillot uses his own set of images as a mask and a selected set of colours. Using a derivation of the slitscan technique and by changing luminosity and contrast of each image, he creates an "echo chamber" where shape gradually evolves.

Caldeira (Video-Loop aus 25 Bilder) - Framed collection

Seitdem ausgestellt :

  • Seit 2018 Privaten Sammler in den USA, Großbritannien, Kanada, Taiwan, Japan